When data meets faces



We believe data must be centric on people

Poolpy is the EASIEST TO USE and COSTUMER CENTRIC costumer analytic  tool for marketing teams. It will help you to track your costumer journey, discover new insights and take decisions based on data.


Track your
customer Journey

Data mining information from your costumer and tracking every event in real time. Have a unique customer journey profile. You can now know what happens to Ernest from the moment he met you, to the purchase, and after that. 

Poolpy has a set of technology that data from web pages, facebook, twitter,  apps, beacons, crm, and API integration.

Create your own metrics

We believe traditional data tools are full metrics that don't really help you to understand your costumer.

We've developed a PIPE INTERFACE so you can build your own metrics. And we made it easy, so you can get just the information you need.

Poolpy's platform not only includes cross-channel data technology, we also developed a learning machine , you'll be surprised of the metrics you can get.

Dashboards that
work for you

Create widgets and multiple dashboards and share them all over your organization.

Set a dashboard with all your key metrics for each department of your organization. 

You can also place milestones and create full reports of your key metrics.

Change the way you understand data

Be your costumer's hero